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London CUPW(566)
Ontario Region

920 Leathorne St., Suite 3 & 4
London, ON N5Z 3M5

tel : (519) 672-4417
fax : (519) 672-9420

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Local Pension and Retirees Benefits Committee:

Chair - Mike Rice
  • Mike Procure
  • Kim Rouble
  • Dean Woronoski
  • Gary Rabbetts
  • Lloyd Elliott

London And Retirees Group:

Chair - Mary Ellen McDermott
  • Susan Scott-Mallett (Co-chair)
  • Elaine McMurray (Secretary Treasurer)

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Every Canadian deserves to retire in dignity with a decent retirement income, but many will not.

  • Over 11 million Canadians have no workplace pension plan.
  • Defined benefit pension plan such as the one enjoyed by Canada Post workers are under attack.
  • Many workers canít save enough for retirement.
  • Retirees relying on mutual funds and stock market investments have fallen into poverty when this income dipped.
  • RRSPs are not guaranteed against inflation, and they could run out.

The Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan:

  • covers most of the labour force (over 93% of workers with jobs)
  • follows you from job to job, across all the provinces and territories
  • increases with the cost of living
  • pays benefits until your death
  • is financed by workers and their employers and run independently from the government

The best way to ensure as many workers as possible can retire with dignity is to increase what everybody gets from the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans.

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